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Friday, October 06, 2006

Pirated Vista???

Getting a pirated copy of Windows and using it was so easy till now but, it will be hard times ahead... The forthcoming Windows OS will be having much harsher steps to check piracy than the previous versions. the MS people may even cripple the OS in computers found to be running unlicensed copies. People believed to be running pirated software will initially be denied access to some of the most awaited vista features like the Windows Aero, its graphics technology. If you dont buy a license within the next 30 days, the system will deny access to much more features restricting users to just the web browser for an hour at a time. At this situation, the user can surf the web, gain access to documents on the disk drive or log onto web-based e-mail services,but the user will not be able to run other softwares. However critical updates will be available to those systems. Microsoft also said that it would not completely stop a computer running pirated Vista from working. Also sophisticated technology has been added to perform piracy checks internally, without linking to Microsoft.Vista is expected to be available to businesses in November and consumers in January.

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