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Monday, October 09, 2006

Wibree | Bluetooth rival from Nokia

Nokia unveils a new short range wireless connection Wibree, which is more energy efficient than the current Bluetooth technology and can be used to connect mobile devices or PCs with button cell power devices like watches, keyboards, toys and sports sensors. Wibree and Bluetooth can work alongside as both use similar hardware a radio which runs at 2.4GHz and an antennae. So it will be simple to build support for Wibree in regular phones supporting Bluetooth. As by Nokia,
Wibree technology complements close range communication with Bluetooth like performance within 0-10 m range and data rate of 1 Mbps. Wibree is optimized for applications requiring extremely low power consumption, small size and low cost. Wibree is implemented either as stand-alone chip or as Bluetooth-Wibree dual-mode chip. The small devices like watches and sports sensors will be based on stand-alone chip whereas Bluetooth devices will take benefit of the dual-mode solution, extending Bluetooth device connectivity to new range of smallest devices.
More information on Wibree can be found at

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